Fix your Sleeping Troubles with Noise Cancelling Curtains

We know that curtains are useful for people to block light while sleeping, but what about blocking sound? For some, noise cancelling earphones for sleeping do the trick at night, but for others, noise reducing curtains may be the best option.

The best part about noise reduction curtains is that they’re also blackout curtains – you get optimal sleeping conditions provided by the balance of low light, and all outside noise is reduced to a silent blur.

As you take a look around at your option for curtains, you’ll find drapes that are specifically designed as soundproofing curtains, while others are double-lined curtains, which are just extra thick and offer minimal noise reduction as an added bonus.

The Best Cheap Noise Cancelling Curtains Available

file0001024204575Manufacturer: Eclipse
Model: Thermaback Blackout Panel
Panel Sizes: 42 x 63, 42 x 84, 42 x 95
MSRP: $24.99 (Check site below for latest sale price)
Product URL: Website


Eclipse is word renowned for its blackout curtains and noise cancelling curtains. The Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panels are practical, as they lower noise levels in your bedroom, and stylish, coming in gold, chocolate brown, or black colors to pick from. But the best part is the cost – the Thermaback Blackout Panels are often discounted on Amazon for 30% off the MSRP, making them even cheaper than curtains that don’t offer soundproofing.


  • Manufactured by the de facto authority in blackout and noise reducing curtains.
  • The panels can help you save up to 25% in home heating and cooling costs as they block 99% of light, in addition to block 40% of noise.
  • Laboratory-tested to reduce unwanted noise and light.
  • For optimal coverage, use two window panels on a standard, or decorative rod (rod must be purchased separately).
  • Made of 100% Polyester – can be machine-washed and tumble dried.

These curtains will be extremely wrinkled when first opened, but a simple wash and dry will make them nice and smooth for hanging – no ironing needed! For optimal results, wash the curtains on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat. Be sure you don’t dry them for more than 20 minutes, as overheating can cause the special sealant, used for blackout and noise blocking, to melt in the dryer.

Final Notes

The Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panels provide a nearly 50% reduction in outside noise, in addition to blackout protection. You’ll also notice a reduction in your heating and cooling costs due to the energy efficient benefits the curtains provide. And most importantly, you’ll get the sleep you deserve with the street and neighborhood noise silenced out.