Noise Cancelling App Comparisons for Mac iOS

7766488264_629ea567aa_nIf you’re looking for a noise cancelling app for your MacBook computer, iPhone or iPad, the possibilities are endless. The iTunes store offers a deep and varied selection of both free and paid noise cancelling apps to pick from.

I need a noise cancelling app on my Apple computer, as I take my MacBook with me everywhere I go when travelling. My girlfriend, on the other hand, needs a noise cancelling app for her iPhone.

With all the options available, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect noise cancelling app to pick from. Fortunately, I’ve saved you the time and tested out a few free (and paid) noise cancelling apps to pick from. Let’s take a look at a few apps you should consider.

Comparison: Noise Cancelling Apps for Apple iOS

1. SoundCurtain

Forbes magazine once named SoundCurtain as the “Best App for Creating Quiet Workspaces.” Despite that, the majority of the reviews for this app were negative – and after using the app, I have to agree with the reviewers. Add a $4.99 price tag on top, and you get a resounding “no” for this app.

Conclusion: Pass.

2. Sleep Pillow

I enjoyed this noise cancelling app – it’s free, with a wide selection of sounds that work well for noise reduction. The only drawbacks are that you can’t overlay the sounds – which is by no means a deal breaker – and the sounds are short, meaning you hear “looping” noises often.

Conclusion: Great pick for your Apple computer. And it’s free!

3. ChatterBlocker

This app isn’t free – but it is my favorite. It also works across all iOS devices: iPhone, iPod, iPad and MacBook.

ChatterBlocker works by playing soothing sounds of your choice to reduce the level of outside noise that surrounds you. It works in nearly any situation, even if you’re just looking to drown out the sounds of the television that someone else is watching.

Conclusion: I love this as a MacBook noise cancelling app. It works great across all Apple devices, but doesn’t come free.

4. Coffitivity

This isn’t a noise cancelling app per se, but it does work for noise reduction. I use this on my MacBook, and my girlfriend occasionally uses it on her iMac and iPhone. The name of the app, Coffitivity, sums up what the app does: it lets you tune out outside noises by playing a steady hum of coffee shop sounds.

Conclusion: If you like coffee shop sounds, this free app is for you.