Quick and Easy Tips On Soundproofing Your Apartment or Bedroom

Soundproofing your apartment or bedroom is a necessity to protect you from noisy streets and neighbors. My first apartment was in Manhattan, one block away from the Empire State Building, which was always buzzing with the sounds of cars and tourists. In the city that never sleeps I was able to do just that – sleep – by soundproofing my apartment. When I paired the soundproofed apartment with a good pair of noise cancelling earplugs for sleeping, I was able to get the sleep I deserved, in complete silence.

No matter what city you live in, soundproofing your home or apartment, especially your bedroom, will keep you sane. Soundproofing is a fairly easy process, but how far you can go to soundproof your home or apartment depends if you’re the owner, or have to get approval from a landlord.

Being a homeowner or apartment owner provides the most flexibility for soundproofing, as you can do things like replace single pane windows with thicker soundproof windows, install soundproof doors, or take it a step further by soundproofing drywall, ceilings, and walls.

Cost-Effective Home Soundproofing Tips

Not everyone has the luxury to modify windows, doors, walls and ceilings all in the name of soundproofing. Here are some tips you can do right now to turn your noisy living space into a soundproofed home or apartment:

  • Keep bookcases and large furniture against walls to muffle incoming sounds.
  • Buy noise cancelling curtains for your windows
  • Use soundproofing foam insulation on your windows
  • Use a double set of curtains on your windows
  • Use sound reducing paint on your walls, such as Acousti-Coat 
  • Reduce reverb on your wood and tiled floors by placing area rugs on top
  • Place non-permanent soundproof paneling on your outside facing walls

If you still have sound issues after you’ve implemented the methods outlined above, you can try these additional tips of noise reduction for sleeping:

The home renovation show Holmes on Holmes frequently deals with couples that experience soundproofing issues in their homes or apartments. Take a look at a recent episode where owners of a townhouse – meaning shared walls with neighbors – were experiencing soundproofing issues:

As the video outlines, soundproofing issues are common in houses and apartments – and in this case, even made the homeowners contemplate moving out entirely. While you may become used to some of the outside noise overtime, you can follow the tips listed above to help reduce, and even eliminate, some of the unwanted sounds that you’re experiencing right now. And best of all, you’ll start getting the night’s sleep you deserve.